Monday, December 29, 2014

Max factor colour elixir lipsticks

                                                              £6.99 here.

When it comes to lipsticks; or any lip product for that matter, I always tend to go for red. Red red red. I don't know why but its the only colour I can seem to really properly pull off without looking clown like? The irony of it. Anyway, I recently got these two lipsticks from Max factor. Max factor isn't a brand I really buy from often, although I've sometimes seen posts which have encouraged me to go and try things from them, for some reason I steer away from the brand. Anyway, I was on the look out for a moisturizing, non drying lipstick as no matter how often I moisturize my lips, the cold weather is really getting to them. No one likes the cracked lip look which is only made worse when teamed with a drying lipstick. I'm glad I found these little gems, and for £6.99 they're more than worth it.

The main reason I was swayed into buying these was the elixir side of the lipstick. If elixir is good enough to do peoples hair wonders, then its bound to be good enough for my lips. The 'elixir' treatment in the lipsticks boasts ingredients such as Shea, avocado and aloe butters, as well as a anti oxidant white tea, which sounds pretty impressive in itself. I got the colours cherry kiss and ruby Tuesday, despite being very similar, I swear they're not and the photos don't give them justice. Cherry kiss is more of a post box red out of the two, while ruby Tuesday is edging on a slight more berry colour (again photos don't do any justice).

I was surprised at how moisturizing these were on my lips, and they worked treat at hiding my cracked lips rather than showing it more. I always find that the more moisturizing a lipstick is; the quicker it comes off, but these lasted a good 6 hours fading only slightly throughout that time, so needless to say I'm impressed. I'll definitely be looking at some more of these to get in the future, and Max factor is a brand I'm going to be trying out a lot more from now on.

                                                             Have you tried these?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Soap & glory EAU-LA-LA gift set

£16 here.

When it comes to Soap & glory, they never fail to impress me and I could even go as far as saying I haven't tried a bad product from them yet (?!). And this is certainly no exception to that statement. I bought this from boots for £16 some time ago around my birthday, and have used it religiously ever since. It claims to be a have a 'zesty, citrusy, fresh orange' array of products, and although It does smell orangey and really wakes me up in the morning, for those of you who are looking for a genuine orange scented body butter/wash/spray this isn't for you. The body wash is my favorite of all three, it lathers up lovely and lingers on skin for a good hour after a shower or bath, which doesn't sound much but on a Monday morning, i really can appreciate it and the scent really does help me wake up a bit more. The sprays definitely has the most true to life orange scent and lasts around 4-5 hours when used with the body wash and body butter. I love all the products and despite using them near enough daily they've lasted well. I'll definitely be looking around the boxing day sales to try and get another one of these! They make a great present for someone, or in my case myself!

Have you tried this or any of these products?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nair argan oil hair remover

                        Nair Argan oil shower power cream* £6.69 here

I think we can all agree on hair removal being a pain, but luckily for us Nair have us covered with their shower power cream. Not only does it claim to leave skin smooth and soft; it also contains Argan oil, Jojoba oil and coconut butter to help nourish skin while removing hair.

It comes with clear simple instructions to use the plastic spatula provided and apply a thick even layer of cream on wherever you use the cream (its gentle enough for use on legs, bikini area and underarms.) then wait for 2 minutes before hopping in the shower, waiting for a few more minutes before taking the plastic spatula and removing the cream.

The first time I used this I noticed how it left my skin feeling really soft, compared to other hair removal creams I've used in the past which have left my skin burning! It definitely worked some magic and left my skin smooth and hair free for a good few days, and left my legs really moisturized the first day of using it.
It does have a rather strange scent to it, which isn't exactly a horrible smell, just rather strange; But this didn't  faze me too much as it went as soon as the product washed away. For best results I'd recommend simply applying and waiting about 5-6 minutes before hopping in the shower, rather than getting in earlier as I found it washed away product without really giving it a chance to work.

I'll definitely be purchasing this once I run out, which I cant see happening for a while as you really don't need to use that much product to see results with this, as long as you have a reasonable amount it does the trick. It is definitely a great product for the price and it does the trick while leaving my legs smooth and moisturized too!

                               Have you tried this? What were your thoughts?

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Fujifilm Instax mini 8

I've wanted one of these for sooo long, and luckily enough for me; a few weeks a go I got one for my birthday! I absolutely love the whole concept of these cameras, and the fact that within a few minutes you have fully developed photograph in your hand rather than a digital one on your phone. I love the little retro look of this camera, and it comes in some lovely colours (pink, yellow, white, black; you name it!).

Despite the film working out at around £1 per photograph, which as pricey as it sounds, luckily for us they come in packs of ten and you can easily scout around on amazon for bulk film which works out slightly cheaper. Each photo is the size of a credit card, and has a slight effect on them making them even more appealing! The camera itself even tells you automatically what setting you should have on, although my photos don't give it justice, it actually has little lights above the lens which turn on to indicate which setting is the best to use!

I absolutely love this nostalgic form of photography and love the whole concept of the photo printing out straight away so you can keep it forever! Have you got one of these?