Saturday, January 24, 2015

Philosophy state of grace fragrance wardrobe

Philosophy is a brand which I've definitely grown too love the last few months, ever since I discovered their shower gels, which are lovely. My moms a big fan of their pure grace perfume which I absolutely loved the smell of and had loved it ever since, so you can imagine my happiness when I opened this little gift set on Christmas day!

The philosophy state of grace fragrance wardrobe contains 5 mini fragrances from philosophy, all of them being from the 'grace' range, including the loved among many pure grace fragrance. I'm not so good at describing scents; but each one of these has a very clean crisp scent about them. Each one is well lasting and I can still smell after a good 6 hours after applying, which is pretty impressive considering I use a sparse amount each time I use one.

Although they obviously have individual scents about them, they all do have that much beloved typical philosophy scent with them while remaining unique. I've tried all of them and love them all however my firm favorite remains pure grace, which has received many compliments when I've worn it, and has a lovely clean crisp scent too it, which I can only really describe as a clean soap scent, in the best way possible. I normally go for very floral sweet scents so its nice to stray away from the usual and try something else, and I can definitely see pure grace becoming a everyday fragrance for me at some point soon!

                                         Have you tried anything from philosophy? X