Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Lush's big blue bath bomb



                                                            £3.35 here.

A few weeks ago I took a much needed yet delayed trip up to Lush. Like most people, I utterly love Lush's products and often spend far more money than I should in there, hence the delayed trip part! Anyway, I bought this along with a few other things, but particularly felt this deserved a post on my blog. I was first drawn in by the lovely scent of this bath bomb, which I can only describe as a mix between lavender and lemon and a typical lush scent, which all combine together to give a fresh scent. The bath bomb itself is packed full of goodness such as sea salt which helps remove dead skin cells, lavender oil to cleanse and smooth out your skin while giving a very calming affect, and also lemon oil, which gives a uplifting and refreshing twist to big blue.

Big blue is also crammed full of seaweed pieces which help detoxify your skin, and gradually soften as the hot water gets to them. I personally loved the seaweed touch along with the bright blue colour the water turned from big blue, as it all tied in really well to give a sea side/calming effect, and although there was a fair bit of seaweed in the bath, it was easy to clean after as a majority of it had gone down the plug anyway. The lovely scent had filled up my whole bath room and is still lingering on my skin a good few hours after the bath!

Overall I'll definitely be stocking up on this sometime soon and its become a firm favorite of mine from Lush's!

                                                         Have you tried this? X


  1. This bath bomb looks super nice, though it looks like it might turn you into a smurf! Bobo xoxo

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